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Everhot 60

Everhot 60

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Product Description

The EVERHOT 60 is a unique appliance; it is the only true heat storage range that is designed to fit into a standard 600mm wide kitchen unit. It was the first cooker in the Everhot range and is still the only true heat storage range cooker available in this size. It is ideally suited for smaller kitchens but is equipped with two cast iron hotplates, two large ovens and a grill.

Background Heat

The EVERHOT is a heat storage range cooker that will provide gentle heat into your kitchen.

Weight saving

Built to last a lifetime, the EVERHOT is incredibly solid, but its weight (250kg) means that the kitchen floor should not need reinforcing, and if you move, you can take it with you.

Flue free

Because it runs on electricity, the EVERHOT needs no flue. Again, this makes installation easy, and also reduces energy consumption.

Colour Options

All Everhot cookers are available in Cool Cream, Graphite, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Green, & Black.

Energy saving

With its unique, energy saving design, the EVERHOT has extremely low electricity requirements, so you can simply plug it into a 13amp socket just like an electric kettle. Many owners have praised its 'miserly consumption'.

Total control

Each oven and heating surface can be independently adjusted to the temperature you require. If a particular cooking area is not needed for long periods, you can switch it off or turn it down without affecting the other areas. And on hot summer days, you don't have to roast in the kitchen.


You'll have a full-width radiant grill, which can also be used to rapidly boost oven temperature. Other comparable ranges just don't provide grills.


With a little care and affection, the EVERHOT will perform trouble-free year after year, with no annual servicing requirement (unlike other ranges).

Environmentally friendly

Each and every EVERHOT is manufactured in Gloucestershire, using 95% UK components. Using sustainable water energy from the 13th Century water mill was the catalyst for the initial invention of the EVERHOT cooker. Today, the state of the art turbine produces up to 25kw of sustainable energy. Additionally, due to the EVERHOT being so energy efficient in it's running consumption it maintains its status as being a more environmentally friendly choice of cooker. You should consider your EVERHOT to be a lifetime purchase and indeed it will give many decades of use, but if you or a succeeding owner decide that you want to dispose of it we will remove it from your property free of charge and recycle it.

Fuel Type

Electric – 13 amp supply.


No regular servicing is required – a saving against other brands.

Background Warmth

When operated at our recommended working temperatures, the EVERHOT 60 will produce approximately 500W of heat.

Energy Consumption

The EVERHOT 60 consumes approximately 85 units of power per week when used at recommended settings*.

Cooking Area

Hot plate: W225, D355mm
Simmer plate: W175, D355mm
Top oven: W395, H290, D490mm
Bottom oven: W395, H290, D470mm

Temperature Control

Hot plate: Maximum 400°C
Simmer plate: Maximum 400°C
Top oven: Maximum 250°C
Bottom oven: Maximum 180°C
Grill: A 2.5KW full width radiant grill with a 30 minute digital timer is located in the top oven.


Our robust control box is compact and clearly labelled for ease of use It is normally sited adjacent to the cooker in a cupboard or on the worktop. Individual switches control each cooking area and include a light which indicates when each circuit has reached its set temperature. The lights will turn from green to red intermittently to indicate when more heat is being supplied. The integral grill with timer, is also switched on via the control box.

  • Clear digital display allowing exact temperatures to be set for each cooking area
  • Easy to clean surface – no knobs to catch dirt
  • High quality stainless steel housing.

Approximate dimensions: W220mm, H157mm, D145mm

* Recommended temperatures are normal cooking temperatures with ECO enabled between 9pm and 5am.

Delivery within U.K. mainland

Subject to distance from our factory, a minimum cost of £150 or a maximum cost of £360. For deliveries to other EC countries or outside UK mainland, please ring for a quotation.

Leadtime for delivery

Please note that we are currently scheduling deliveries approximately 8 weeks in advance.

Payment Terms

A 50% deposit is required with order. The balance is payable immediately prior to delivery.



Additional Information

The installation of the EVERHOT is a very simple operation that is normally carried out by ourselves or one of our dealers, however it is worth noting the points below and if you follow these simple guidelines it will ensure that everything goes well on delivery day.
Note: The preparation of the site, in readiness for the installation of the appliance, is the responsibility of the site owner, not of the manufacturer of the appliance.
The floor must be level and capable of supporting the weight of the cooker (approximate weights: EVH 60 250kg EVH 90 300kg, EVH 100 350kg, EVH120 500kg, EVH150 550kg).
All cookers are of standard dimensions 600mm deep and 900mm high to the working surface with widths of 600mm (EVH 60), 890mm (EVH 90), 995mm (EVH 100), 1200mm (EVH 120) or 1490mm (EVH 150). EVH 60, EVH 100, EVH 120 or EVH 150 cookers should be installed with a minimum of 30mm clearance from the back wall to allow for the electric cable entry, and induction hob venting where applicable. EVH 90 cookers should be installed with a minimum of 15mm. On no account should a cooker be pushed hard against the back wall as this may damage the electric cable, or block the induction vent. A minimum gap of 5mm per side is required to allow installation and removal of the cooker – please contact us in advance of installation if this is not possible. Where the end grain of a wooden worktop is adjacent to the cooker, we recommend that this is increased to 10mm to minimise the chance of cracking.
Clearance must be allowed for the raising of the cooker lid(s) into the upright position (minimum height of 1530mm from ground level). A 5mm gap on each side of the cooker lid should be allowed when in the raised position (each lid is 590mm wide to allow for overhead cupboards).
The appliance must be used on 220-240V AC only and should be plugged into a standard 13 amp socket (EVH 60 or EVH 90, EVH 100 without induction hob), or two standard 13 amp sockets (EVH 100 with induction hob, EVH 120 or EVH 150). The 13 amp socket(s) should be accessible and positioned adjacent to the cooker, so as not to impede the opening of the top lid, and ensuring the plug is not exposed to steam or excessive moisture. If the socket(s) cannot be positioned immediately adjacent to the cooker, please see diagrams attached for exact lengths of cables. If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or their representative, as special purpose tools are required. An Everhot cooker should NOT be hard wired – please install using the supplied 13amp plug.
EVH 60 or EVH 120 only - The control box is connected to the cooker via a 20mm flexible conduit to allow for a choice of positioning. It may be sited within an adjacent cupboard or on a worktop as required (the control box must not be covered by combustible material or be positioned where contamination with liquids is likely). The control box is not suitable for wall mounting and should remain freestanding in order to facilitate future maintenance. The conduit and power cable should also be easily accessible. Once the position has been decided the control box should not be moved in day to day use. Standard conduit length supplied is 2m. The EVH 120 is supplied with two control boxes.


What our clients are saying...

  • “We could not be happier with our new AGA from AVEC Cookers.  Katie and the team answered every question and concern that we raised and the quality of installation is fantastic.  The cooker looks brand new and works perfectly.  Thank you.”

    - Mr & Mrs Rusbridge, West Sussex

  • We can not praise or recommend Avec Cookers enough! From an initial phone call to order a reconditioned Aga, it was installed within 2 days. We are absolutely delighted with it, it is like new. The customer service has been second to none and it is a delight dealing with a ‘family run’ firm who you can talk too!

    Many thanks

    - Andrew & Jill

  • Having seriously considered purchasing a brand new Aga locally, I was lucky enough to find out about Avec Cookers. Their recommendations, speed, efficiency and knowledge are exemplary. The installation was a seamless process and nobody could detect that it wasn`t new! I have had my Aga for one year now without a single problem and would question why anyone would not choose to use this company!

    - J Alexander

  • Since day one, it has worked like a dream.

    Well, today – it had its first service – by Ron Davies Partnership of Stratford Upon Avon (they specialise in servicing and restoration of Agas).

    This is what Ron had to say:

    “This is one of the best reconditioned Agas I have seen. It’s a great model anyway (stopped making them mid-1960s) but it’s been put together extremely well and the conversion from solid fuel to gas has been done perfectly.”

    “Also, the attention to detail with the re-enamelling is superb. Lots of people miss out the lettering/numbers – but this has all been done just right.”

    All in all he said it was a cracking job.

    - Nick Murray

  • We have just bought a reconditioned 13 amp electric Aga from Avec Cookers. From the very beginning the service we have received has been impeccable. They have listened to our requirements, answered all our questions and they carried out the work exactly when they said.

    The new Aga sits beautifully in our new kitchen and we are very pleased and proud of it. And – not only was the price very reasonable, the 5-year parts and labour guarantee gives us that confidence that all will be well in the future.

    - Brian Richards

  • We are both delighted with the Aga we bought from you, it works beautifully and looks like new Aga cooker and not a reconditioned one!

    - Donald and Theresa

  • The customer service and advice I was given by Avec Cookers was first class. Delivery was on schedule, installation was quick and the AGA itself is a dream. I would definitely recommend Avec Cookers to anyone looking to purchase an AGA or cookware at a competitive price.

    - Nicolette, West Sussex

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