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Fuel Options
You can operate your reconditioned Aga Range Cooker on Gas, Oil, 13amp electric, or LPG.

Gas and LPG
Conventional Flue – Available in Traditional or Deluxe. A 4” Flue is required in the form of a flexible liner in an existing chimney or a twin wall style flue.

Balanced Flue – Available for Deluxe Models Only, ideal if the Aga Range Cooker is to be situated on an outside wall.

Powered Flue – Ideal if a flue is difficult or impossible to install. Features a 2” stainless pipe which can be routed up to 9m (or 6m with bends) to an outside wall.

Still a popular choice, available in Deluxe or Traditional. Runs on Kerosene, requires a 5” flue, either through existing chimney or via a twin-wall system.

13amp Electric
Whilst electric is the newest to the Aga Range Cooker fuel family, it is increasingly popular, as they do not require a flue system to operate them. We also have controllable options available, so please get in touch to discuss with the team.

Other options:

Hot water boiler
Available with Gas, LPG & Oil Traditional and Deluxe Models.

Must be operated using an indirect, gravity fed system.

Progammable Options
There are several ways we can make your range cooker more programmable and flexible, to help reduce the heat output and to reduce running costs. Please ask our team about these options.

Integrated Module
We are able to offer a new integrated module to sit alongside your reconditioned Aga Range Cooker. Consists of a fan oven at the bottom, conventional oven and grill at the top and 4 gas or electric rings.

Gas or Electric Hob
We are able to supply a 2 ring gas or electric hob, to sit in place of the warming plate on the 4 Oven Deluxe Models. Ideal if you do wish to turn the Aga Range Cooker off in summer, but still require some cooking facilities.

As there is no adjustment in the Aga Range Cooker, the plinth is key to the installation. We are able to offer a powder coated, pressed steel, adjustable plinth, which is available in 2 different heights.

Running Costs

Is your Aga Range Cooker expensive to run?
No, in fact its quite the opposite. Aga Range Cookers are actually designed to conserve energy and fuel. Once the ovens and hot plates reach their optimum temperatures, the Aga Range Cooker unique storage system requires very little fuel to maintain these settings.

Approximate weekly running costs are:-

Aga Range Cooker Type Energy consumption
Natural Gas 2 Oven 425 kWh
Natural Gas 2 Oven with water heating 601 kWh
Oil 2 Oven 40 Litres
Oil 2 Oven with water heating 60 Litres
LPG 2 Oven 60 Litres
LPG 2 Oven with water heating 84 Litres
Electric 2 Oven 220kWh
Electric 3 Oven 240kWh


4 Oven Models will use approximately 20% more energy to run.

Aga Range Cookers don’t produce as much heat as is first presumed. They are very well insulated to release as little heat as possible which means they only output the equivalent heat produced from 10 – 12 100 watt light bulbs.

Greener choice
You can rest assured that in your purchase of a reconditioned Aga Range Cooker from Avec Cookers you are making a wise choice in all our attempts to protect the environment. By re-using the existing cast iron components and minimising and recycling the waste produced, a reconditioned cooker is a green choice for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

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