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Looking after your Aga Range Cooker

I'm sure you'll be as delighted as me to hear that Aga range cookers are very low maintenance and require very little daily attention. The key thing is to keep on top of any spills, as they are much easier to clean up before the spillage bakes on to the hot enamel.
Daily wiping is best done with microfibre cloths, one for cleaning and one for polishing to avoid smears. No cleaning product is required for daily cleaning.
For more stubborn staining the Aga range cooker is best worked on cold. It is imperative that any products that are used on any of the enameled surfaces are approved by the vitreous enamel association. Astonish is a good product for stubborn burnt on grease stains. It can be applied in a circular motion using a very, very fine grade of wire wool (always try a discreet patch first) or the end of a cork.

Internally, any cooking spills will burn off the cast iron so don't worry about this.
The cast iron doesn't require cleaning. When the Aga range cooker is switched off the ovens and hot plates may benefit from a wire brushing. Any excess food/grease that has been removed with the wire brush can then be swept out with a dustpan and brush.

General tips for keeping your Aga range cooker looking pristine

  • Never fry on the top and instead use the frying pan on the base of the roasting oven. This will prevent the top and lid liners getting splashed with oils.
  • Always take care to lift the doors over the catches on the front plate so as not to chip the doors or front.
  • Do not hang wet washing on the front rail as this will cause the badge to perish.
  • Ensure the nylon washers on the door pins are have not perished to prevent enameled parts rubbing against one another.
  • Don't use excessive amounts of oil on the food or trays. This isn't necessary in an Aga range cooker and will only cause the door backs to become prematurely discoloured.
  • Don't drape wet laundry over the top of the Aga range cooker. Not only is this a potential fire hazard, but the chemicals in laundry detergents can cause damage to the chrome domes and the vitreous enamel. We recommend a clothes airer to make the most of the heat the Aga range cooker is producing.