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Is your Aga cooker expensive to run?

No, in fact its quite the opposite. Aga Cookers are actually designed to conserve energy and fuel. Once the ovens and hot plates reach their optimum temperatures, the AGA unique storage system requires very little fuel to maintain these settings. Approximate weekly running costs are:-

Aga TypeCost
Natural Gas Two Oven425kWh
Natural Gas Two Oven with water heating601kWh
Oil Two Oven40Litres
Oil Two Oven with water heating60Litres
LPG Two Oven60Litres
LPG Two Oven with water heating84Litres
Electric models220kWh

Aga cookers don’t produce as much heat as is first presumed. They are very well insulated to release as little heat as possible which means they only output the equivalent heat produced from 10 – 12 100watt light bulbs.

Greener choice

You can rest assured that in your purchase of a reconditioned Aga cooker from Avec Cookers you are making a wise choice in all our attempts to protect the environment. By re-using the existing cast iron componenets and minimising and recycling the waste produced, a reconditioned cooker is a green choice for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.