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Starter Kits

Cooking on a range may seem a minefield but most of the equipment you already own will be suitable. The following is what we would deem as essential kit for getting the most from your Aga range cooker.

  • A set of pans with a thick ground base, that must have metal handles and metal lids for putting the pans inside the ovens. (Most glass lids are only capable of temps up to 160 Degrees.)
  • A flat griddle or griddle pan, that can be warmed to a very high temp on the floor of the roasting oven.
  • Some baking trays and roasting tins of Aga range cooker dimensions that fit directly onto the lugs of the ovens.
  • Bake-o-glide – For lining the tins and for cooking directly on the simmering plate with minimal oil. This is brilliant for eggs.
  • Toasting Rack – Everyone knows that toast done on the Aga is the best!
  • Kettle - A good stove top kettle means the electric kettle can go forever! You may as well make use of the boiling plate. Its super quick too!
  • Clothes airer – Available in double or single tier options. Its brilliant for allowing the hot air to rise from the top of the Aga and dry the washing. It also makes for minimal ironing.
  • Silicone Pads – These sit on top of the chrome domes to keep them looking pristine and to prevent damage from oven trays, pans etc. They are heatproof and can be used as trivets or pot grabs. They are easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Below is a selection of Starter Kits we have put together.

Essentials Kit £109.95
Hard Anodised Kit £134.95
Deluxe Kit £149.95
Premium Kit £199.95