Aga Range Cooker Cosmetic & Renovation Works

We offer a wide range of services to renovate your Aga Range cooker. Most of our services are completed same day on an exchange basis, so need to go without your cooker. Please see below for the options we provide.

If you cannot see the works you require, please get in touch for a quotation or email a photo of your cooker to info@aveccookers.co.uk with details of what you are looking for.

Re-enamelling Service

If your Aga Range Cooker no longer suits your style or you just fancy a colour change, our front and doors re enamelling service is done on an exchange basis so no need to go without your cooker. Just tell us which colour you require and we will get your new front and doors sent off for vitreous enamelling. Please note this process takes a minimum of 6 weeks.


2 oven: £1,900

3 oven: £2,100

4 oven: £2,450

Side panel change: £400

Additional delivery charge may apply.

Top & Lids Renovation

Top and lids looking worse for wear? We offer a full top and lids service to bring your Aga Range Cooker back to life. This is done on an exchange basis and includes: new black top, top plate blanket, lids, liners, seals, lid bands, lid insulation, chrome caps, towel rail plus warming plate for 4 oven models. This service can transform the look of your cooker and make it look brand new.


2/3 oven: £1,495

4 oven: £1,895

Additional delivery charge may apply.

Additional Hob Options

If you are looking to upgrade your Aga Range Cooker to suit your cooking needs, we are able to supply and fit a 2 ring gas or electric hob in place of the warming plate. Please note this service is only available for post 1995 models.


2 ring gas hob: £2,150

2 ring electric hob: £1,000

Additional delivery charge may apply.

Spare Parts

We provide a wide range of spare parts for most Aga Range Cooker models whether you are after a new badge, towel rail, chrome caps or even warming plate, we will be able to help. Please visit our shop for our range of spare parts or alternatively contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

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