Upgrade Works & Servicing

Keep your Aga Range Cooker running efficiently with our specialist Aga Repairs and Servicing. All of our registered Oftec and Gas Safe technicians have the know-how to keep your Aga Range Cooker running smoothly and efficiently, whatever the model or fuel type. They will also ensure it’s up to date with current technology and cosmetically sound during your service. We stock a large selection of spare and replacement parts to ensure your Aga Range Cooker is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Aga Range Cooker Servicing

Our team of highly trained, Oftec & Gas Safe registered technicians undertake any repairs and maintenance your Aga Range Cooker may need. We recommend that your oil Aga Range Cooker is serviced every 6 months and gas every 12 months. The 13-amp model does not require a specific service but a health check is recommended every 2.5 years. We cover Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, many areas of Staffordshire as well as all of North Wales. We typically book 2-3 weeks in advance but will try to fit in urgent appointments where possible.


How much does a service cost?

A standard service costs £130 inc vat*

Our teams are usually booked 2-3 weeks ahead but we will always try to accommodate wherever possible.

*Price excludes thermocouples or wicks which are additional. New customer initial service charge or clients who’s service interval exceeds 2 years is charged at £160 inc vat plus parts

** Service locations greater than 40 miles from WA14 are subject to a £20 surcharge

Renovation Works

Not only do we supply fully reconditioned Aga Range Cookers but we also provide a wide range of cosmetic upgrade services to help refurbish your existing Aga Range Cooker. Whether you are looking for a full colour change or just new top & lids we are able to help. Please see below for our full range of works.



Now you can take care of the earth as well as your wallet. Our re-insulation service will help lower your Aga Range Cooker’s emissions as well as reducing the amount of fuel it uses. In fact, you may find that the cost of running your Aga Range Cooker decreases by up to 35%.

How do we re-insulate your Aga Range Cooker?

  • High-density insulation pads will be fitted inside the doors and lids as well as under the top plate, replacing the original rockwool.
  • The vermiculite (a natural mineral which expands when heated to keep in that precious warmth) will be replenished.
  • Any ropes and/or seals will be replaced where necessary.

Boiler removal

Compared with modern methods of heating water, an Aga Range Cooker uses a lot of energy to do the same job. Having a boiler continually full of hot water over many years will eventually lead to leaks.

But help is at hand! We can remove your boiler and re-insulate the system, cutting typical Aga Range Cooker running costs by at least 40%, leaving you with your beloved Aga Range Cooker – only better.

Is your Aga Range Cooker still suiting your lifestyle? We have lots of upgrade options…

With ever increasing fuel costs, better home insulation and busy lifestyles, not all households still benefit from an Aga Range Cooker that is on 24/7. We have lots of options to upgrade your existing Aga Range Cooker to more flexible and cheaper to run options. So whether you have a gas model that you would wish to put into slumber when not in use, or you wish to convert to electricity and be able to chose which bits come on and off, we’d love to chat to you so give us a call.

Alternatively, email us an image of your Aga Range Cooker and we will be able to put together a quotation for all the options.

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